A description of how hangover comes about and how to deal with it

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A description of how hangover comes about and how to deal with it

Finding out more I. The first version was drafted by "Sage Student," who remains its primary author. Daniel Siebert maintains the FAQ, and as its secondary author, has contributed much additional material over the years. We are grateful for the encouragement of William White, whose early, now obsolete web document, All About Salvia divinorum, provided inspiration for this more up-to-date and comprehensive FAQ.

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Several members of the original, now defunct, "Salvia" email discussion forum assisted in the development of the preliminary version by providing valuable editorial advice and commentary. Some of them contributed valuable material which has been included in the FAQ. These members include, in alphabetical order: Our apologies to anyone whose contributions we have failed to acknowledge.

Any such oversight was not intentional. Please respect the copyright of the authors. You are welcome to print out a copy provided that it is for personal use only. You must not republish it in print or electronic media. This document is updated frequently.

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The most recent version can always be found here at: We do not want to see obsolete versions floating around on the Internet. So please do not copy it to other web sites. It is intended to make readers more knowledgeable about this interesting plant, its effects, and how it may best be used safely and responsibly by those who choose to do so.

Choosing to work with it is a decision that only you can make. One should learn as much as possible about it before going forward with that decision.

The pharmacology of Salvia divinorum and its active principal, salvinorin A, remain poorly understood. Although Salvia divinorum appears to be remarkably safe in terms of physiological effects, one must bear in mind that very few toxicological studies have been done.

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Of the studies that have been done, none have demonstrated any significant toxicity for pure salvinorin A. No toxicity is associated with traditional Mazatec methods of oral ingestion. Like tobacco, smoking Salvia divinorum may involve health risks associated with the inhalation of various products of combustion, such tar, carbon monoxide, etc.

This FAQ material is for informational use only; We are explicitly telling you not to take any action based on this document that would break any law.

Like most consciousness altering substances, Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A can be dangerous if used irresponsibly.

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If you decide to try this herb, or any preparation containing salvinorin A, it is your responsibility to take proper precautions so that you do not harm yourself or others while under its influence.

Neither the authors of this FAQ, nor any individual who contributed to its creation or posting, or who submitted material contained herein, nor the web site host, nor anyone but you yourself is responsible for your actions or their consequences.

This FAQ is intended to present the facts that are known about Salvia divinorum at this time the current version date appears at the top of this document.

While care has been taken to be as objective as possible, many issues discussed will be controversial and complete objectivity is impossible. Although fairly extensive in its coverage, this FAQ is not comprehensive. It is not written for minors, incompetents, or for any individual who is unable, or unwilling, to take complete legal and moral responsibility for his or her actions.

A description of how hangover comes about and how to deal with it

By the act of continuing to read this FAQ you are agreeing that you are a legally competent responsible adult, and that you are willing to take sole responsibility for the consequences of your actions.Product Description. Hangover, The (Blu-ray) They planned a Vegas bachelor party that they would never forget.

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A description of how hangover comes about and how to deal with it

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