An essay on the film raise the red lantern

Arriving at the palatial abode, she is at first treated like royalty, receiving sensuous foot massages and brightly lit red lanterns, as well as a visit from her husband, Master Chen Ma Jingwuthe master of the house, whose face is never clearly shown. Songlian soon discovers, however, that not all the concubines in the household receive the same luxurious treatment.

An essay on the film raise the red lantern

Gender Raise the Red Lantern Question: What ideas are conveyed in the film Raise the Red Lantern? Raise the Red Lantern is a movie directed by Zhang Yimou.

The plot of this movie is that an educated young woman named Songlian marries a wealthy man as a concubine and the experiences she is having in this household.

It shows the lives of the rich noble class in the s and portrays the lives of the concubines in a Chinese household. The purpose of her existence in a wealthy household is to serve the Master. Their lives are controlled by the Master and they have to do what the Master orders them to do.

An essay on the film raise the red lantern

This scene was taken using a close up of her face and the tears when she said those words. No one was around her when she said it and her mother is not shown in the film.

We cannot hear anything except for the sound of her voice and her mother did not reply when Songlian said this speech. This demonstrates her feelings and mood and shows that she feels isolated and sorrowful during this scene.

When 3rd wife has a foot massage the sound of the tool radiates throughout the house Songlian is shown sitting with her feet on a chair imagining that she was the one who was getting a foot massage.

The traditions, rule and custom of China is includes gender inequality and the rules in the household. When she asks 2nd sister about it she is told that a lot of women died in that room.

Songlian was obviously shaken after she went in the room and saw the shoes of women. This represents the importance of rules and regulations in a wealthy household because if someone defies these rules deadly punishments will happen. The rules are set by the past generations and by following these rules the tradition of a household can be withheld.

The rules and regulations were greatly amplified when 3rd sister was hanged for having an affair with Dr. The second evidence of the tradition of the household is the practice of lighting the lanterns. The red colour of the lanterns symbolises power because if the Master chooses to be with a wife for the night the lanterns of that wife will be lit.

The bright lanterns contrast with the dull colour of the buildings and it stands out from the grey walls. The concubines want the lanterns of their quarter to be lit because it is stated in the movie that whoever can get the Master they can earn power and respect.

All these points portray the life of being a concubine and the danger it holds. This movie presents the fact that women is considered inferior to men in China and are treated as servants.A sound film is a motion picture with synchronized sound, or sound technologically coupled to image, as opposed to a silent first known public exhibition of projected sound films took place in Paris in , but decades passed before sound motion pictures were made commercially practical.

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In ¡§Raise the Red Lantern¡¨, the red lantern, an invented icon here (and one accused of being a fake cultural signifier used merely for sensational purposes), is the film¡¦s central symbol and most important metaphor. The Muse Writers Center has many teachers who are professional writers, published in poetry, fiction, plays, screenplays, and nonfiction.

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Raise the Red Lantern is a movie that kidnaps you to a foreign place and immerses you completely with new traditions. The story follows young Songhian whom is forced by her mother to get married to a rich man.4/4(1).

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