Build a fizz inflator

Scooby Doo and his pals enjoy a good mystery so a fun idea is to incorporate a mystery theme into the party. Mystery parties can include all sorts of challenges, scavenger hunts, puzzles, science experiments and treasure hunts that are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Scooby Doo Birthday Party: Scooby Doo has gone missing, and we require your skills and wit to help solve this mystery.

Build a fizz inflator

In your lab notebook, make a data table like this one. You will record your results in it. Prepare a drinking glass so that it is marked at the mL point. You will use the same glass for multiple trials, so it is convenient to mark the desired water level.

Use a piece of masking tape on the outside of the glass to mark the water level, placing the tape with its top edge even with the water level in the glass, as shown in Figure 2. You do not want to fill the glass completely full because the bicarbonate reaction produces bubbles that could splash out.

You will fill the drinking glass with the same volume of water at three different temperatures: For the hot and cold tap water, run the water until the temperature stabilizes. Fill the glass with water to the level of the masking tape.

Be careful when handling the hot water. For ice water, fill the glass about half full with ice cubes, then add cold tap water to a bit above the level of the masking tape. Stir for a minute or two so that the temperature equilibrates.

Pour out any extra water so that the water is up to the level of the masking tape. Prepare the drinking glass with one of the three temperatures as described in step 4.

Then measure the reaction time for that temperature either by following option 1 Science Journal appdescribed in step 6, or option 2 stopwatchdescribed in step 7. Using the Science Journal app Science Journal is an app that lets you record data using sensors that are built into many smartphones, including a microphone that you can use to measure sound.

To learn how to use the Science Journal app and how to use the sound sensor, you can review the relevant tutorials on this Science Journal tutorial page. In this project, you can use the app to record the fizzing sound that the Alka-Seltzer tablet makes while it dissolves in water and then use the data to determine the reaction time and maximum sound intensity for each reaction.

Open the Science Journal app and start a new experiment. Choose the sound intensity sensor and make sure you know where the microphone is located on your phone by doing a quick test to see if your sound measurement is working.

For example, you could record yourself clapping or singing to check if the sensor behaves as expected. Once you have confirmed that the sensor works and you are familiar with the app, you can start with the experiment.

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You should do this experiment in a quiet environment. The background reading of your sound meter when there is no noise in the room should be in the range between 20—40 decibels dB.

Build a fizz inflator

Measure the temperature of the water in Celsius [C] in the first glass that you prepared, and record it in the data table in your lab notebook. Remove the thermometer from the glass before continuing with the next step.

Put your phone in the waterproof plastic bag and make sure it is sealed well. Place the second, same-sized glass, next to the glass filled with water. Lay your phone on top of the second glass so that the microphone or sound sensor is located right at the center above the glass filled with water, as shown in Figure 3.

Place your phone on top of the glass filled with water so that the microphone or sound sensor is located right at the center above the solution. Take one whole Alka-Seltzer tablet out of its package and hold it above the glass filled with water. In the app, start a new recording for your first experiment and press the record button.

Make sure to label your recording appropriately such as "hot water," "cold water," or "ice water. Once the recording starts, drop the tablet into the water. You have to be very quiet during the experiment.

Any sound that you make will be recorded and could affect your data. Try to be as quiet as possible while you are recording your data!

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You will immediately see and hear bubbles of CO2 streaming out from the tablet. The tablet will gradually disintegrate.BUILD A Fizz INFLATOR! YOU WILL NEED: One small empty plastic soda or water bottle 1/2 cup of vinegar Small balloon Baking soda Funnel or piece of paper.

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Build a fizz inflator! Tired of blowing up balloons yourself? Construct a fizz inflator and you won [t have to! You [ll need an empty.

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the ice cube dropped in. BUILD A FIZZ INFLATOR - The baking soda and the vinegar create an ACID-BASE reaction and the two chemicals work together to create a gas, (carbon dioxide) Gasses need a lot of room to spread out and the carbon dioxide starts to . BUILD A FIZZ INFLATOR. Ingredients that you will need: One small empty plastic soda or water bottle 1/2 cup of vinegar Small balloon Baking soda Funnel or piece of paper. Methods: Carefully pour the vinegar into the bottle. Build a Fizz Inflator - Science Bob The Exploding Lunch Bag - Science Bob Watch what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar in a Ziploc bag! Make Plastic Milk - Science Bob.

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Build a fizz inflator

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Matter can change state. A change of state can be reversible. Matter can change state with a change in temperature. These changes are often reversible. In other words, you can get back what you started with. Heating some solids will melt them, turning them into a liquid.


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