Case american chemical corporation

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Case american chemical corporation

Case american chemical corporation

Formed in December as a means of ending foreign domination of the chemical industry. Consisted of the following: The Barrett Company - producer of Coal-tar chemicals and roofing.

General Chemical - Industrial acids. Semet-Solvay Company - manufacturing coke and its by-products. Solvay-Process Company - Producer of alkalis and nitrogen materials. Subsequently these five subsidiary companies became operating divisions. Barrett and National Aniline Divisions in Allied Chemical Corporation In the name was shortened.

From time to time its divisional structure had been realigned to meet the needs of growing, more complex operations. Manufacturing was carried on by eight Divisions. Allied Chemical Canada, Ltd. Allied Chemical International directed export sales and manufacturing interests outside of the U.

The Division was initiated into Case american chemical corporation over from the former Solvay Process and Barrett Division the production and sale of ammonia and other nitrogenous materials.

At Syracuse, New York, inAllied Chemical had been the first in the United States to develop commercially the synthetic ammonia process for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. This operation was moved to Hopewell, Virginia, where a sizable plant was completed inmaking America for the first time independent of imported nitrate deposits.

As the leading domestic producer of ammonia, urea, and a broad line of solid and liquid nitrogen fertilizes, the Agricultural Division to the farm economy. Other major products were phosphatic fertilizers, pesticides and liquid protein supplements for animal nutrition.

The Division also marketed potassic fertilizers and micronutrients.

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At locations in the East and Mid-west, the Agricultural Division produced paving materials for highway construction, parking areas and other paving requirements. This section first appeared: September Fabricated Products Division -- Established in Manufactured and marketed products strongly oriented to end-users.

The division operated five separate businesses.


Unicast Products -- Unicast nylon fuel tanks and other hollow vessels for specific customer needs were made at the Whippany, New Jersey plant. Nodaway Valley Foods of Corning, Iowa produced convenience foods such as puddings, pie fillings sour cream, dressings, and cheese sauces.

The Jim Robbins Seat belt Company of Troy, Michigan was a leading maker of seat belts and harnesses for the auto industry. Principal plants were at Knoxville, Tenn.

The Fibers Division -- Formed in Allied was the first to produce captolactam and nylon-6 in America, inbuilding its monomer plant at Hopewell, Va. The caprolactam plant operated by the Plastics Division, supplied the Fibers Division with raw materials for its heavy- and medium-denier yarn made at the Chesterfield plant near Columbia, South Carolina, which began production in The heavy deniers went into tire cord, carpeting, upholstery, seat belts, cordage, conveyor belts and similar hard-wearing industrial products where unusual strengths were required.

Fine-denier yarns went into hosiery, lingerie, colorful gowns, and many types of apparel including outer wear. In a new fiber combining the desirable qualities of polyamide and polyester polymers was introduced under the trademark "Source".

Its principle use was carpeting.American LaFrance (ALF) was an American vehicle manufacturer which focused primarily on the production of fire engines, fire aerials, and emergency apparatus such as ambulance and rescue vehicles.

The company was located in Summerville, South was announced Friday, January 17, they would cease operations.

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Learn more about White & Case lawyers in the news; please browse our press releases, media mentions and video clips in our White & Case newsroom. Welcome to the Restructuring Case for AEI Winddown, Inc. (f/k/a Aquion Energy, Inc.). American Chemical Corporation.

1. INTRODUCTION: This report analyzes a case where a company named American Chemical Corporation (ACC) is selling its sodium chlorate plant and another company Dixon Corporation (DC) has agreed to purchase the net assets of ACC’s Sodium Chlorate plant in Collinsville for $12 million, subject to approval by its board of director.

Case Studies. Some real-world examples of how manufacturers are using quality tools and processes to improve their work and the bottom line. Supply Chain Techniques Applied to Six Sigma Saves SeaDek Marine Products $, About North American Pipe.

North American Pipe Corporation, a Westlake company, is a leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturer in North America.

Tutoring for American Chemical Corp. & Dixon Corp: The Collinsville Plant