Chris herren

Additionally Chris will share statistics of drug and alcohol use amongst teens nationwide.

Chris herren

SEEKONK — In many ways he was a pioneer of sorts, someone who took his own little dance with the devil long before most people even knew who the devil was. In many ways Chris Herren was on the cutting edge back then, an explorer in a bleak world that one day was Chris herren to run through America like a river of pain.

He was an All-American high school basketball player at Durfee High School in Fall River, was a big star at Fresno State after bouncing out of Boston College, then went on to play two years in the NBA, including a stint with the Celtics, before going overseas to play several more.

Nor does it tell you why he is standing here at this restored historic inn on the Seekonk-Rehoboth border off Route Once the inn was a famous hunt club with a membership list that included the Vanderbilts and other notables of the era, and recently had been an inn.

He has spoken to high schoolers, professional teams, the NFL, the NBA, all of it — to the tune of dates each year. And everywhere goes he pounds the same message the way he used to pound a basketball against a polished floor.

A message that drugs will rob you of your dreams. It also offers the residents who will stay between days acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation. There will be a nutritionist assigned to each person, along with a life coach, a personal trainer, and more. Because he long ago came to realize that one of the big questions is why.

Why are you using drugs? Why are you abusing them? Why are you letting them ruin that very special thing that is your life? And he also knows that the drug world can be a dark and lonely place, and he wants to be able to shine some light on it.

They will destroy your dreams. They will effect your relationships.

Chris herren

They will rob you of your life. Because addiction eventually becomes like its own little virus, effecting everything around it, everybody around it.

The plan is to start with 12 residents, with a setup that eventually can handle 22, along with a staff of roughly 10 people, plus some independent contractors.

It opened this week. He says that one of the reasons for a wellness center is that too many families focus on the worst day and not the first day.The Finals - Winmau Scottish Open Mens Pairs - Pairs 17/02/ Compare ranking performance for up to two players over various periods, from a single season to their whole careers.

Chris Herren shares his story with the hope of making a difference. He draws on his own history to convey the message that it is never too . Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren is set to celebrate 10 years of providing motivation and helping others find their dreams on and off the court.

Since , Chris has shared his message with over one million students and individuals sparking honest discussions on the topics of . And Daytime TV's biggest twists continue to take place off screen.

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