Cottle taylor the oral caregroup in india

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Cottle taylor the oral caregroup in india

In this study Brinda Patel is trying to increase the sales in India for toothbrushes. He believes spending more money on advertising can help make an increase in sales. Patel is wondering if the increase in ad dollars will increase sales.

Cottle-Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India Case Solution

She is also considering the culture barriers she is facing with each region. People in India are not very concerned with oral hygiene. Cottle has been working on informing and educating the Indian culture on the importance of oral care. Cottle wants to expand to new product development but the Indian culture has not fully adapted to the use of low-end and mid-range toothbrushes.

Cottle Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India Essay Example for Free

The population in India has grown but so has poverty. This has made it harder for Cottle to emphasis the need for the toothbrush because they refer back to inexpensive homemade brushes. The Indian culture does not associate health issues with not brushing teeth.

Cottle faces a tough market with very low spending capacity. A skill I learned from the Cottle case study is determining global strategies.


Cottle is a global company that must identify business opportunities to determine growth in foreign areas. This case provides me with insight on how other cultures differ in product needs. In my future job I might have to research potential market growth opportunities.

I will have to determine the risk when entering a new market. I will also have to develop strategies to meet market demands.

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This case study also introduces unique ways of advertising. My recommendation was to implement an oral care program in schools to educate people about oral care at an early age.

Cottle taylor the oral caregroup in india

Using this form of advertisement is different from the usual commercials we see to promote products. This applies to my future career because I will have to use different channels of advertisement depending on the market. I will have to develop strategies that cater to my target audience.

The third technique I learned from the Cottle assignment is how to identify a problem and recommend a solution. This skill is important in any field. Every company wants to hire someone that can help them improve.

The ability to analyze different situations and provide solutions can create profitability and gain market share.

Problem solving provides me with the opportunity to implement my ideas. This quality can make me an asset to any organization.Cottle Taylor:Expanding the Oral Care Group in India 1. Marketing Portfolio – Case StudyJoana CletoJenny SoutoNuno FerreiraRicardo MarquesCottle-Taylor: Expanding the OralCare Group in India 2.

exclusively on oral care; Cottle India manufactured toothpaste, toothpowder (a powder-based cleanser typically used without a toothbrush), and toothbrushes. As the market for modern oral care. Majority of Indians want to upgrade from home-grown dental remedies to inexpensive modern oral care products Cottle products sold in more than , retail outlets throughout the country Rising awareness of dental health benefits.

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Situational Analysis & Problem Statement Cottle-Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India Cottle-Taylor Analysis Alternative 1: Patel by Christopher de Marco, Camille D.

Rouleau, Robert Sakamoto, Viet Duy Nguyen & Nicole Lee.

Cottle taylor the oral caregroup in india

Publication Date: October 11, Brinda Patel, director of oral care products for the India division of a consumer home-care product company, develops a data-driven marketing plan for toothbrushes. Cottle – Taloy: expanding the oral group in India Background Cottle Taylor was founded as a start hyup company in By they boast a product selection of over oral care, personal, care, and home care products.

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