Definition of a strategic business plan

Business planning is necessary for company growth and success. Business plans provide companies with the tools to track growth, establish a budget and prepare for unforeseen changes in the market place. A strategic plan includes many elements a business can utilize to attract financing and manage company objectives. To optimize strategic business planning, businesses must clearly define company goals and conduct extensive research to properly understand industry trends.

Definition of a strategic business plan

Use a Strategic Plan Template An effective small business strategy will help build your business. Use strategic planning samples or a strategic plan template for example, a strategic planning SWOT or five forces model analysis to streamline your strategic process and focus on getting the results you want for your business.

Search This Site Custom Search Small business strategy needs to be developed differently than big or medium sized business strategy. Small business strategies are often focused on developing niche strategies because a smaller enterprise typically has the adaptability and flexibility to narrowly focus there are many small business strategy articles dedicated to this topic.

However, niche strategies are not always the best choice. As part of your strategic planning process for all business sizesconsider Michael Porter's "Five Forces Model" and use the model to help you better understand your business environment.

Once you've reviewed the model and reviewed which small business strategy best-fits your business, develop your strategic plan checklistto ensure that you cover all the relevant areas, as the next step.

I have a problem with that because I think it allows businesses to overlook their weaknesses and the threats to their business.

So if you want to use SOAR then also add weaknesses and threats to the mix definition of a strategic business plan doesn't make a nice acronym: And start writing your strategic business plan. I often use a strategic planning template or strategic planning samples to build my strategy and plan; I highly recommend that you do so too.

The Five Forces Model is detailed here with a few examples of each force. Will customers have to incur high costs to switch from their present supplier to you? How will the existing companies in the market react upon your entry? Buyer or Customer Power Do buyers have leverage in the market?

Are there many buyers or a few if just a few, you will be very dependent on them? Are your buyers price sensitive; what kind of pricing strategy do you need to develop and use?

Is there a threat that your buyers might begin to compete against you backwards integration?

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Do your buyers have strong brand identity? Are there substitutes available for buyers? Are there incentives for buyers? Supplier Power Are there many suppliers or few if few, who do those few work with; is there enough supply?

Is volume important to supplier - that is, does a buyer have to purchase minimum quantities? Are switching costs high or low? Are supply costs contained or volatile?

Threat of Substitutes How easily can your product or service be replaced by another product or service e.

DVD players have replaced Video players - technology enabled? Is brand identity a factor? Are price and quality a factor? Degree of Competition or Rivalry Are there high exit barriers e.

Is the industry concentrated or fragmented? Where is the industry in its life-cycle and what is the product life-cycle stage: Are rivals similar or diverse?

Do competitors have good, high value brand identity or are they considered commodity suppliers? Conduct competitive intelligence and analyze your competition in business. Once you have a better understanding of the environment you operate in or want to operate inyou will be better able to select the best small business strategy for your business.

Many small business industries can be defined as fragmented. Some specific strategies that small businesses need to consider because they are a good strategic fit: Focus on product or service type - become an expert, high value provider of this service or product; offer strong product differentiation and ensure that your product positioning fits the market.

Focus on a type of customer - become an expert, high value resource to a specific customer group; offer difficult to duplicate knowledge and service.

Provide not only good customer servicebut the best customer service. And be recognized as the best.

definition of a strategic business plan

Focus on a specific local area or region - become an expert in that specific area; offer knowledge and resources that no one from outside the area can.Strategic Plan. The governing document for the public education system in Hawai‘i provides a common foundation of expectations and supports for public education, centering on closing the achievement gap to ensure equity and excellence for each student.

A business plan is also a road map that provides directions so a business can plan its future and helps it avoid bumps in the road. The time you spend making your business plan thorough and.

What is a 'Business Plan' A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals.

A business plan lays out a . Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship") is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. In the sense of the "art of the general", which included several subsets of skills including "tactics", siegecraft, logistics etc., the term came into use in the 6th century AD in East Roman.

of or relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal in war, politics, etc., usually over a long period of time: useful or important in achieving a plan or strategy See the full definition for strategic in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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