Disadvantages of ipl cricket

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Disadvantages of ipl cricket

The way people of South America breathes football, Indians breathe cricket. Indians worship cricket and each match is watched with the same thrill and enthusiasm. The league is a Twenty20 match series founded by Board of control for cricket in India. The league has become an awaited one as soon as the month of March ends but every coin have two sides and this is no exception.

Disadvantages of ipl cricket

The below mentioned are both the pros and cons of IPL. The twenty20 leagues are short and thus the excitement further increases. In IPL, teams are divided on the name of Indian states which makes people watch it, as a way of showing support and cheering for their own state.

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Platform to Enhance New Cricketers The IPL comprises of all kinds of cricketers, the retired ones, the newly became ones, the currently-popular ones and the currently unpopular ones. Here, the new cricketers get an opportunity to work with the experienced cricketers and improve the quality of their game.

They get a chance to learn well and shape well. Adds Revenue to the Economy IPL league provides immense employment opportunities such as the job of cricket columnist, umpires, costume designers for all teams, police guards to protect the players, etc.

The money received by selling the tickets is also a large sum. Brings the Cricket World Closer This league is inclusive of cricket players all over the globe. This makes it very diverse and when players of various countries play together there would be an amalgamation of culture, values and learning.

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This makes people more open minded and brings different groups closer. The players play for the money and the owners of team also aims at earning.

Many of the owners and players of IPL have been arrested on the charges of holding black money as well. Understanding the Techniques Players of different countries play and live together which reveals a lot about their playing techniques to one another.

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These techniques can be used by the opponent in the international matches while playing. Makes the Players Weary The ongoing international matches and then a two months series makes the players fatigue and tired.

Disadvantages of ipl cricket

This might affect their performance in the international cricket. Wrong scheduling of the League This league takes place in the month of April and May which are very hot months of the year in India.

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The players face health issues due to the heat of scorching sun, especially in Rajasthan. The sun make players perspire more than usual and may make them feel drowsy. This scheduling is not done by considering that people from all the countries would be able to participate, as often international tours take place when IPL occurs.

After all, love for the cricket is greater than all for us Indians.Cricket is one of the many universal sports that has kept the world united for quite some time.

IPL(Indian Premier League): Advantages & Disadvantages, Essay, Article

Just like any other famous sports players, cricketers are making a great deal of fame and money through contracts and sponsorships. The list below shows the top ten richest cricketers in the world in 1 [ ]. Cricket is one of the sport that is followed by majority of the world and in a country like India where cricket is considered as not only a sport but a religion,although there are many advantages but there are disadvantages too; 1-The biggest disa.

The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph. Get an answer for 'what are the disadvantages and advantages of sports??(eg fame/overcompetitiveness) please list examples and detailed explaination kaja-net.com you could please also included useful.

Nov 18,  · IPL (Indian Premier League): The way people of South America breathes football, Indians breathe cricket. Indians worship cricket and each match is watched with the same thrill and enthusiasm.

The onset of Indian Premiere League (IPL) in further increased the love and excitement in people for this kaja-net.com: Aashini Goyal. T20 cricket matches of premier leagues have caught the interests of worldwide players and that is what triggers the debate whether this format of cricket is a disadvantage to the traditional form.

Some are of view that T20 is like fast-food cricket, enjoyable and easy but unhealthy with lots of disadvantages.

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