Mastering physics assignment 1

To apply Problem-Solving Strategy 1. While driving in an exotic foreign land, you see a speed limit sign on a highway that reads 1.

Mastering physics assignment 1

This is the third installment in a series by Hawaii photographer Natalie Norton on becoming confident with manual camera settings.

This picture of my son Cardon was a tricky one to capture. I could open my aperture as wide as possible 1.

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I wanted at least his entire face and shoulders to be in focus. I bumped my ISO all the way up to a mighty and got the shot. Dance a celebratory jig, grab a glass of water and park your little bottom. Your ISO settings allow you to take pictures in low light situations.

The higher the number, the more sensitive to light your sensor becomes.

Mastering physics assignment 1

What is a Sensor? This should be a review from the other posts in this series. Exposure is light recorded on your digital camera sensor. Well, if ISO determines how sensitive your sensor is to light, and your sensor records the light a fancy way to say records the finished image then that sensitivity of the sensor is basically going to determine along with your aperture which determines how MUCH light hits the sensor and shutter speed: What is Digital Noise?

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Sometimes those little squares in the image become slightly visible and this is referred to as NOISE. Check it out in the image of my son above. Well, digital noise increases with ISO. As your ISO increases, the noise level does as well. This noise level most likely will not become significant until your ISO reaches numbers of or higher depending on your camera.

Mastering physics assignment 1

On a cloudy day — bump up your ISO a little, might be a good starting point. Remember that generally speaking the higher your ISO, the lower the quality of your image. Set your camera to AV Aperture Priority. Set your aperture to no lower than 4. Step outside into the open shade.

Upload the images and check the quality. Study the images and determine what you feel is a good ISO range that still maintains image quality for your particular camera. Natalie Norton is a wedding and portrait photographer.

She resides on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Check her out at www.Connect Access 1-Semester Card for College Physics on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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