Wgu elt tasks

Consisting of four six-week courses, the curriculum has been designed around the Candidate Competency Standards set forth by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Learners enrolled in this program gain a depth of knowledge regarding current theories and research in the specialized instruction of English-language development. They will develop a foundation for understanding cultural differences among English learners-and how those differences relate to academic achievement in a culturally inclusive environment.

Wgu elt tasks


Fixed standards or criteria are a set of predetermined benchmarks. Benchmarks for assessment may be: This evidence is mostly demonstrated or produced by the candidate, and some additional evidence can be obtained from third parties.

Assessment through training This is where the candidate needs to learn the skills and knowledge first, and the assessment is conducted: During the course of training at different intervals formative assessment During, and on completion of training either on- or off-the-job summative assessment.

Judgment of competence can involve a range of assessment activities. So, when you are planning and organising assessment, consider the ways in which you can allow the candidate to be an active, rather than a passive, participant.

In competency-based assessment, the assessor must: Know about assessment Have a vocational skill to assess in or work with someone who has expertise in the area being assessed Work closely with the candidate.

In competency-based assessment, the candidates must be informed of: The criteria against which they are being assessed The assessment process or steps Their ability to take an active part in the process.Ethical Leadership Help with WGU C Ethical Leadership Task 1 submitted 6 months ago by Johnsoto Im just wondering if for this part of Task 1 if all I have to do say whether each question is Preconventional, Conventional or Postconventional?

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Only at kaja-net.com". WGU does not grant transfer credits for professional experience, but will consider previous coursework. and the design and implementation of tasks, assessments, and curricula. Most students study part time, taking two classes per semester, and earn their master’s degrees in two years.


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Although the majority of. ELT: Constructivism. Students are given tasks that are developmentally appropriate to their own learning. Documents Similar To tdt1 task 4-presentation from jot2. peer lesson phonemic awareness. Uploaded by.

Wgu elt tasks

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Wgu elt tasks
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